Bootie Docs

A simple Hugo theme for documentation.


Bootie Docs is a theme for Hugo. Follow the instructions on Hugo site to install Hugo and Hugo Themes.

This theme is developed to be a suitable one for documentation, especially for software documentation.

Bootie Docs shold be simple enough to start with, and powerfull enough to organize multiple document pages.


Suppose you already installed Hugo.

hugo new site /path/to/site
cd /path/to/site
mkdir themes
git clone themes/bootie-docs
# add some contents to your site
hugo server -t bootie-docs

Convert your to Bootie Docs

First, create by hugo new command.

hugo new

Next, copy the content of your to

Then you will see the content at the top page in your site.

Learn More

You can see more detailed usage of this theme and complete configuration on Usage.

About page shows you overview of features and dependencies which Bootie Docs has.